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Today is a New Day

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Disclaimer: I am not a brain or brain rewiring expert. I am simply sharing my personal journey and my personal understanding as it makes sense to me.


Life is a journey. I say that a lot, but it is. Do you have a solid grip on where this journey is taking you? I surely don’t. I’ve struggled in my efforts to pave my path. Each time I felt I knew where I was going, or had a plan in place, I found myself fighting back with great frustration when it didn’t work out. Every detour has had me wondering if I wasn’t working hard enough, if I took too many wrong turns, if I made too many mistakes. I spent far too much time self-analyzing my personal steps.

It’s a lot of pressure to feel the need to map out our own journey, isn’t it?

I’ve always said that if we just keep walking we will be rerouted when we’re heading in the wrong direction. My beliefs and my actions haven’t always matched up, however. This is something I’m working on changing.

My effort now is to simply be mindful of my personal GPS.

Clearing the Static

I look back at my blog and it’s clear that I haven’t been inspired to write for months. Several months. Honestly, I’ve allowed too much interference between me and my GPS. Life. We can allow a lot to get into our head space, can’t we? That’s human nature I guess. 

I look back on my 60plus years sometimes, (too often, actually) and see so many twists and turns. That’s what life is, twists and turns. I look at some of those turns with joy, some with remorse, some with grief, some with those unsettled ‘what ifs.’ What if I took this turn instead of that? What if I said this instead of that? What if I did this? What if I didn’t do that? 

What if. . . what if. . . what if. . .What a waste of time and head space!

Here’s a new ‘What if’ that I’m offering myself: What if I stop thinking about those twists and turns? What if I recognize that every turn had and has a purpose? What if I recognize that I have a choice in redirecting my focus to more uplifting thoughts? What if I put my focus on the joy, the color, the love, and the view? What if I become more conscious of all the things I have to be grateful for? 

I don’t like heavy metal or rap music. It isn’t my thing so those aren’t stations I choose for my car radio. I choose to listen to music that makes me feel good inside. And yet, too often, I choose to think about things that make me feel less than good. What if I stop looking in the rear view mirror and pay more attention to where my GPS is taking me? Hmmm, I like that thought.

Today is a New Day

So here I am, today, March 13, 2023, speaking what comes to mind, feeling grateful for the flow of words. I’m grateful for technology and the device I am privileged to type on.  I’m grateful for feeling really good about my new website name and I am grateful for this moment. 

I look forward to seeing where this life journey goes and where this blog journey goes. After years of focusing on celiac awareness and gluten-free support, I look forward to expanding my writing to cover this journey through my fragrance sensitivity (and advocacy) and through my efforts to learn about limbic system impairment and recovery. 

Today is a new day—and I feel so very good about digging back into my blog and posting something new. 

What are you grateful for today?