Who is Debbie Simpson and What is Be Free Respect?

Who am I? That’s the million dollar question. I’m still working on figuring that all out. Aren’t we all?

I am an author, but this part of me is the result of the legs of my journey that I share below. Please be sure to check out the Books page.

As I type this in March 2023, this blog is undergoing some transformations (along with me). This site’s original focus has been celiac awareness and gluten-free support. I recently changed the name, however, from Gluten Free Respect to Be Free Respect in order to include my increased advocacy and my current journey. 

Something that started impacting my life to a much greater degree than food was a fragrance sensitivity. My disabling sensitivity led to a change in my advocacy efforts from celiac to fragrance. It led to an awareness campaign via memes through Fragrance Free Respect (both on Facebook and Instagram). 

And then. . . the most powerful part of my journey–recovery from Limbic System Impairment. This is a process I am currently in.

What an amazing journey this life is!

Rather than filling this page with my personal journey (pre and post diagnosis) feel free to click on the links below to read portions of my personal journey.