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What is Be Free Respect: My Story

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What is Be Free Respect: My Story,
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Disclaimer: I am not a brain or brain rewiring expert. I am simply sharing my personal journey and my personal understanding as it makes sense to me.

What is Be Free Respect and Who am I?

We all have a story, don’t we? My journey to Be Free Respect has been 24 years in the making. Receiving answers, and having a need to share them, inspired my personal advocacy efforts 24 years ago. Various health issues that I sought answers to, however, began long before that.

For those who wonder about that name, Be Free Respect, I’m going to share my timeline below. It’s a long story, but I’ll keep this post short by simply including links to others posts that dig more deeply into the discovery of an answer that is empowering my life in such positive ways.

First Up: Celiac and a Gluten Free Diet

A celiac diagnosis (almost 24 years ago) was such a pivotal moment in my life. That answer, and a strict gluten-free diet, was life changing. But not as many might think. For me—that diagnosis was a far greater blessing than the challenges of the dietary restrictions that came with it. From the moment I removed gluten from my diet, my health just continued to improve. 

This answer, and that amazing upward climb through improved health, brought out the advocate in me—almost instantaneously. 

My advocacy efforts were a big part of my life for several years. That name, Gluten Free Respect, was developed through these efforts.

Next Up: Fragrance Illness and Advocacy for Change

A few short years into my gluten-free life–and continued health improvements–I developed something new and far more challenging: a sensitivity to fragrance chemicals. This started out as a nuisance, but it became much more than that. 

That fragrance “sensitivity” became a far greater challenge than my gluten-free requirements ever were. As you’ll see if you read the articles from the links below, this became far more than a “sensitivity.” It became an isolating disability. 

After twenty years of support and advocacy through Gluten Free Respect, I switched gears. I created Fragrance Free Respect in August of 2021. 

And Finally, Be Free Respect and Personal Change

I was 6 months into my Fragrance Free advocacy campaign when I discovered hope for a way out of the increasingly more disabling and isolating impact fragrance chemicals were having on me. 

That journey, with the changes and the increased light I’m finding in my life, became Be Free Respect. Discovering that I can Be Free of such a devastating issue has brought out my need to be vocal once again. Be Free Respect is simply my journey and my thoughts along the way.

If you’re interested in the road that led me to Brain Retraining or in following my journey, check out the links below.

My Timeline and Links to My Journey That Led Me to Be Free

(Other than the first link) posts below include links to an audio option for those who prefer to listen.

  1. I shared my road to a celiac diagnosis in the post:
    A Lifetime of Undiagnosed Celiac: A Life Put on Hold
  2. A few years after my celiac diagnosis I started to develop a fragrance sensitivity. It took 20 more years of increasing isolation because of it, however, to discover why. I shared my personal story in two posts:
    Fragrance Sensitivity Part 1: Where it Began
    Fragrance Sensitivity Part 2: Personal Impact
  3. It took time and it took an ultimate low point for me to investigate what brain retraining was all about, as I shared in
    Brain Rewiring: I Wasn’t Ready

My Journey Continued

I’ve shared several other posts through my journey. Click on the Links Page for other articles. 

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