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I Have An Answer: The Emotional Side Of Gluten Free #5

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The Emotional Side Part 5: I Have An Answer!

An Answer: The Most Amazing Emotion Of All

What I’ve shared so far are the hurdles that are faced with dietary changes. Not all emotions, however, are challenging. Being able to say, “I have an answer,” was actually my very first emotion. It was my most powerful emotion. And it remains a cherished emotion. After years (and decades) of varying health struggles, it was remarkable to have an answer. It just got a little complicated with the hurdles that followed. 

I Have An Answer!

What’s worse than having to eat gluten free? LOTS of things:

  • Being sick
  • Watching your child suffer and not knowing why
  • Not being the best (parent, spouse, sibling, friend) you can be because of the impact gluten is having on your health and emotions
  • Not knowing what’s behind it all, and having no control over your diminishing health

And then, after weeks, months, years, or even decades of wondering what the heck is wrong, you are told you have celiac (or your child has celiac).

I know my experience is not everyone’s, but I knew within a couple weeks that being gluten free was the answer I’d been seeking most (if not all) my adult life.  And before that my mom worked hard at finding ways to improve my health. I just wish she lived long enough to see me diagnosed and healthy. 

That overwhelming, Oh-my-gosh, I feel so much better, feeling is not as quick and as clear for everyone as it was for me. But then again, I had had symptoms for most of my first forty years at that point. 

Having an answer, and feeling those improvements within the first couple weeks after removing gluten, was nothing less than AMAZING!

Emotional Side Effects

Of course, the answer comes with its own little side effects. And that’s what this whole series, The Emotional Side of Gluten Free, is all about.

But c’mon. That, I have an answer! emotion is certainly a light far brighter than any of those darker, How do I handle this diet? issues. It is the high point of the roller coaster that needs to be celebrated. Revisit that emotion often, especially at times when you feel yourself speeding down that slope towards one of those less pleasant emotions. 

So I’m going to make this post short and simple. Hold on to that most important fact, the fact that you know what your body needs. Having to be gluten free is far easier than living with chronic health issues. It is far easier than facing the complications that can come with undiagnosed celiac. 

The emotions that I’ve discussed so far in previous posts in this series are ones you most likely relate to if you need to be gluten free. These emotions may seem to consume you at times. But please remember the fact that you no longer have to wonder what is wrong.

Not Always the Complete Answer

*Special Note:  Of course, being gluten free isn’t always the complete answer. Many people are also living with other auto-immune diseases, food allergies, and health issues that require other dietary restrictions. It’s not always a simple, be gluten free and all is dandy, kind of answer. We still need to make healthy lifestyle choices. But having a diagnosis that was lacking, and being empowered through the dietary restrictions prescribed, I will continue to call this my answer. 

Well—gluten free was one of my answers, anyway. 

Celiac Awareness Is NOT Limited To The Month Of May

Please help shine that light of awareness to help the MANY out there living with undiagnosed celiac who are still wondering, What’s wrong?!

  • Share articles from bloggers, pages, and groups you follow.
  • Share stories of diagnosis. Not just ones I’ve posted, but from any page, blog, or group you follow.
  • Share your own story.

Sometimes the seeds we plant take time to grow. But please don’t stop planting them. Give those seeds some sun and keep watering them. (But be gentle. Too much water or fertilizer can deter growth.)