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Two Months Gluten Free and Already a New Child

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Two Months Gluten Free

Karlee has only been gluten free for two months and is already feeling better than she has in her eight years.

Lindsay shared that her daughter’s symptoms started when she was only a year old. “Celiac never crossed our minds until she was 6,” she said. Through those five years, she suffered from daily stomachaches, headaches, behavior issues, bedwetting, ADHD, severe joint pain, and learning difficulties.

Her gastroenterologist tested her for celiac when she was six. While her blood work came back positive, her endoscopy returned with a negative result. Mom was told that Karlee didn’t have celiac.

Karlee continued to have many medical issues, however. She saw eight different doctors over the next two years. Finally, another gastroenterologist tested her again and diagnosed her with celiac, even without a biopsy.

And now, Karlee is a new child already. No more stomachaches. Very few headaches. She hasn’t wet the bed in a month. Behavior has “dramatically improved,” as has overall learning. And her ADHD symptoms are nearly gone. 

According to mom, “Karlee is already happier and healthier than she was before her diagnosis. She sleeps better, eats better and overall feels better.” And she’s only been gluten free for two months!

Other Autoimmune Diseases

Karlee was diagnosed with CVID (Common Variable ImmunoDeficiency) and AMPS (Amplified Musculoskeletal Syndrome) before she was diagnosed with celiac. 

Linday shared that since removing gluten from her diet, her daughter has been almost completely pain free.

A Gluten Free Home

According to Lindsay, transitioning to gluten free, especially for a family of six, was a struggle. “We are still in the learning phase; trying to figure out everything that contains gluten is still hard,” she shared. 

Karlee naturally has days when she misses things she used to eat, but they are finding good options. It’s a process and definitely takes time. After all, they are only two months gluten free. They have come so far already!

“I am quickly learning that homemade is the best option,” mom shared.

Some people love to cook. Some people would prefer doing something else. Lindsay was honest when she shared that she “hates to cook.” She went on to say, “But I’m learning how to enjoy it, knowing that I’m helping my daughter.” 

Wow! That was such a powerful statement! Many people don’t like to cook. But Lindsay has decided to change her view of being in the kitchen because it is about what is best for her daughter. Wouldn’t it be fun to share a follow-up down the road about how Karlee is also learning to be a part of that cooking process?

A New Child--A Better Life

“Karlee has always been a small, sick little girl,” mom shared. “Since her diagnosis and diet change she has turned into a happy, healthy crazy 8 year old.”

It is important to focus on today. We cannot change yesterday and we cannot change what we didn’t know. But, as parents do, we cannot help but to feel sad about things sometimes. Lindsay shared her wish that they received a diagnosis much sooner. “I feel that Karlee has missed out on a lot due to an unknown disease. Now we have answers and life can be so much better for her.” And it is!

Over the two short months that Karlee has been gluten free, she has gained eight pounds and is almost where she should be on the growth chart. Amazing—and such great news! Also great news is all the things she can enjoy without the pain she experienced before she was gluten free: dance, baseball, gymnastics. 

Ahhhh….being me, there is a tear as I typed that last paragraph. I don’t know Karlee, but I know kids. What is more joyful than a happy, healthy child? 

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