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I Have My Life Back: Another Gluten Free Story

Sing With Me: I Feel Good, do do do do do do do

When I hear stories like Kathi’s I feel the need to do two things. 1: Knock on doctors’ doors and beg and plead with them to become more educated about celiac signs and symptoms, and 2: Sing and dance to James Brown’s “I Feel Good!” 

As Kathi said, “I have my life back!”

Kathi, age 53, discovered just how much better her life is without gluten. She made this discovery approximately 10 years ago. This came after a lifetime of issues that she blames on gluten.

Constant strep as a child. A tonsillectomy at age four. Prior to removing gluten she also experienced nausea, bloating, weight gain, fatigue, swollen joints, and some serious brain fog.

Kathi’s tests for celiac were negative. But she’d been gluten free for 30 days prior to testing. 

Her doctor diagnosed her with gluten intolerance because of the improvements she experienced. She said she, “REFUSED to go back on it for a diagnosis. I know that I can’t have gluten, that’s enough for me!”

Could This All Have Been Avoided?

Kathi had her uterus removed at a very early age. She was only 29.  Her ovaries were removed 10 years later.  She even experienced exploratory surgery when they couldn’t figure out why she was so sick all the time. 

The health she is now able to experience has her wondering about her years of ill health and it has her wondering if those surgeries would have been necessary if she’d been gluten free.

I Have My Life Back!

It took decades, but Kathi is able to say, “I now feel better than I have in my entire life.” She credits not only being gluten free, but being grain free as well.  “I can get out of bed now!”

Kathi knows with certainty the impact gluten has had on her life. While it can be discouraging when others may not take her dietary needs seriously, she knows the impact. She is now able to experience the health and energy that she had been deprived of for so long. And she is able to enjoy life, spending time with her grandbabies without being sick.

“I have my life back,” she shared.

She spends time gardening, fishing, enjoying time with her grandchildren, and educating herself about her health.

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  1. Kathi

    Thank-you Gluten Free Respect for giving me a voice!

    1. Debbie Simpson

      I am so happy to be able to share your story! Thank you Kathi!

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